18 Feb '14, 5pm

[email protected] @DarylSurat There are fanfiction "cartoon series" for Mario 64 & Sunshine.. The craving is there!

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga: Episode 1: Trouble Already Episode 2: The Citizens Reveal SMBHQ The Super Mario Sunshine Show: Episode 1: Tropical Trouble Episode 2: The Secret of Bianco Lake Episode 3: Muk Yoshi Appears Episode 4: Robo-Peach Episode 5: The Koopas are Coming Episode 6: Mecha Bowser Episode 7: The Legendary Sand Bird Episode 8: The Watermelon War Episode 9: The Manta Storm Episode 10: Down with Petey Piranha Episode 11: Oh, Brother! Episode 12: Isle Delfino Race Episode 13: Game Night SMBHQ The Super Mario 64 Show: Episode 1: Meet Mama Koopa Episode 2: The Adventure of the Castle Begins Episode 3: Whomp's Revenge Episode 4: Bomb Omb's Demise

Full article: http://www.smbhq.com/users/cartoons/fanfiction.html


@GameGuyPGH Also, One of the first things I edi...

smbhq.com 21 Feb '14, 4pm

1237: Merlin the Wizard creates worlds 1300: First life forms on worlds. 1342: Power Wars between Mushroom People and Sara...

Super Mario Lamp Encourages Physical Activity

Super Mario Lamp Encourages Physical Activity

hackaday.com 11 Feb '14, 12pm

What better way to encourage jumping around in the house than by adding your own Super Mario style question block lamps? I...