29 Jul '17, 4pm

Kathy Griffin has been exonerated

TODAY. The @AP has to clarify. I am no longer under federal investigation. The case is closed, I have been completely exonerated. Finally. pic.twitter.com/1AGZ0dCMDN — Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) July 28, 2017 Just over 2 months ago, Kathy Griffin united Republicans and Democrats with their hate towards her for a stupid thing she did called “art.” What she did was so horrific that she was investigated by the Secret Service. After a nearly two month investigation, she was exonerated for her crime. From them, but not us. At least not yet.

Full article: http://seriouslyomg.com/?p=69389


Kathy Griffin shaved head

Kathy Griffin shaved head

seriouslyomg.com 01 Aug '17, 3am

Kathy Griffin has needed a way to redeem herself in the eyes of the public and she might have found that way. The actress ...