28 Dec '16, 7pm

6 Sneaky Tricks to Make Your Shoes Feel More Comfortable

shoes are always pinching, giving you blisters or leaving you with sore feet, you may be fed up with limping around. Yes, it typically takes a while to break in new shoes, but you don’t have to suffer through the process. Although some say that beauty is pain, you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for fashion—you can achieve both with a few sly tricks to break in your shoes. Keep reading for a few of the best hacks for breaking in an uncomfortable pair of shoes , and enjoy both comfort and fashion at the same time:

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How to Make 2017 Your FLYEST Year Yet!

How to Make 2017 Your FLYEST Year Yet!

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come in almost the same variety as do women’s shoes. Zebra print and polka dot, pink and silver, satin ribbons and glitter...

Make merry in the BACARI bootie:

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