29 Sep '16, 11pm

Jerry O’Connell gets plucked! https://t.co/oG8YsbawQI

One of the perks of co-hosting Live with Kelly , is that you are going to be tortured in some way. For some reason, fans of the morning talk show find Jerry O’Connell’s eyebrows creepy, so Kelly Ripa brought in an eyebrow artist to shape them. Therefore, the fat kid from Stand By Me, was sat down in a chair as someone plucked out the hairs above his eyebrows one by one. He didn’t even get the wax treatment, the unruly strands were yanked out by a Tweezer one by one. Because they chose the slower process, you can watch him suffer for several minutes until the man was done torturing. Was it worth it? For him, he looks great. For me, I am a sadist, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so, I just wish ABC would give him the job already. If he is willing to suffer on live television, let’s see what else they can do to him!

Full article: http://seriouslyomg.com/?p=62274