30 Jun '16, 3pm

Nancy Grace will sign off from HLN

HLN’s biggest name is leaving the network in October after 12 years. According to The Hollywood Reporter , she will be joining “a very large digital component.” At this point in time, she is not ready to disclose what that is. Just like she reads too much into a story, I am doing the same. I wonder why she is really leaving. Did they not renew her contract because her ratings are down big time? Did they want her to take a pay cut because of that and she refused? Or maybe she was ready to move on and so were they. The “news” network changes their identity like every week, so maybe they wanted to try something new in that slot. Although with the Bill Cosby trial coming up, I think that will be a big mistake. But then again, I have never seen her show.

Full article: http://seriouslyomg.com/?p=60321


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