30 Sep '12, 7pm

OMG DYING for this!! Lasskaa stuns us.

"They say no two people view the world in the same way. Perhaps this is why we exert all our energies trying to understand each other." Dreaming of faraway lands, the journey to get there and the connections made during the trip, Australian-based designer Georgina Amanda Solomon creates fantasy shoes for the traveler, whether that means traveling to the Steppes of Mongolia or to a warehouse party in the Tenderloin. Meant to be worn and worn-in, these shoes only get better with time--becoming a reflection of the wearer's lifestyle, a projection of their personality. With creative shoes evoking skyscrapers and goat hooves, Lasskaa keeps us guessing and on our toes, literally. (blah; still working)

Full article: http://www.solestruck.com/lasskaa-womens-shoes/



solestruck.com 30 Sep '12, 6pm

People don't get in to shoe design for the awards and the accolades, but when you create runway worthy, architecturally st...