29 Sep '15, 4am

##ChrissyTeigen goes from the Fab Life to the trash

#ChrissyTeigen goes from the Fab Life to the trash BTWF talk shows: Bradley Cooper on Inside the Actors Studio A Firefly reunion! It takes Jaimie Alexander over 7 hours to get inked for Blindspot! Ever wonder why actors say sex scenes are so unromantic to film? Family Feud continues its racy season with a man guessing vagina! John Stamos slapped Matt Lauer! If Forever showed Ioan Gruffudd like this, it’d still be on the air! Kaley Cuoco is gonna wash that man right out of her hair

Full article: http://seriouslyomg.com/?p=53975


A look at life

A look at life

cabbieblog.com 28 Sep '15, 1pm

Once in a while a nugget comes along which encapsulates the raison d’être of CabbieBlog. This 1960s gem gives an insight o...

Plastic trash, textile fibers found in seafood

Plastic trash, textile fibers found in seafood

mnn.com 30 Sep '15, 12pm

It's well-known that humans are polluting Earth's oceans with garbage , including about 8 million tons of plastic every ye...

Life update time.

Life update time.

michellephan.com 02 Oct '15, 11am

Hey dreamers. Hope everyone’s first day of October was amazing. There’s been so much going on lately, and a lot that I hav...

Horse-drawn trash wagons collect rubbish, turn ...

mnn.com 26 Sep '15, 4pm

A hypothetical: if there exists a place in our modern world where garbage and/or recycling is collected by horse-drawn wag...