31 Aug '15, 2pm

new post up, Masaru Okuyama trunk show at @KEVINSEAH this Fri/Sat

For those of you in Singapore who have never had the opportunity to see bespoke shoes by a Japanese shoemaker, now is your chance to do so as Masaru Okuyama will host a trunk show at Kevin Seah this Fri/Sat. Masaru’s shoemaking technique is quite unique for a Japanese shoemaker, in my humble opinion, and this is what I like about him. Although having learned from a Japanese maker, his style of making seems to have a massive influence from French technique in fact that he seems to use thinner soles, cut long waists, shapes small heels and pretty much the overall slenderness of the shoes. For me there is something that feels similar to the likes of Dimitri Gomez and Anthony Delos. Naturally as I like French makers, I am quite bias towards Masaru’s style and quite enjoyed seeing them myself in the flesh back when he was displaying at Aubercy.

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