26 May '15, 5pm

Josh Groban wasn’t so Brave when Ellen DeGeneres scared him! #ellendegeneres #joshgroban

today and he told her why he has the expression that he has on the cover of his latest CD, Stages. The actor looks scared, and that because he was. The record company arranged a photoshoot in Downtown LA late at night. One of the people near where they were shooting started cursing at them, so the singer was reacting to the guy’s vulgarity as the camera snapped away. The result was a cover that his label deemed edgy and masculine. What Groban didn’t realize is that the host was setting him up. Once you talk about being scared on the daytime talk show, be prepared to be just that. She had a person raise up out of the cube that was in between them, but Josh was looking away and didn’t get the full effect. Even though he didn’t see his attacker, he still jumped up and hit a high note that is normally reserved for a few of his songs. Talking about singing, not only did he sing...

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