29 Sep '14, 4am

Oh Miley Cyrus, what a big peepee you have. #mileycyrusmetrostation

Oh Miley Cyrus, what a big peepee you have. Krusty gets a Roast and someone is toast on The Simpsons tonight. The Simpsons on Family Guy is truly the best crossover ever! Resurrection resurrects a second season tonight! You don’t want to call Jimmy Fallon ‘bitch!’ Sofia Vergara has a problem with that bitch on Modern Family! Is Britney Spears auditoning for Pippi Longstocking? Who wants a limp iPhone when they can have a stiff Samsung? So appearantly there is a Lost Musical

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Big City Living, Big City Style

Big City Living, Big City Style

high.heels.com 29 Sep '14, 4pm

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oh my god singapore trends

twitter.com 30 Sep '14, 9am

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'Big Break' gets bigger with inaugural BBI

golfchannel.com 29 Sep '14, 10pm

LAKE OCONEE, Ga. - You know “Big Break” as the pressure-filled, high-stakes drama, perform or pack-your-bags reality compe...