30 Mar '12, 8am

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Va-va-va Voom! Do you like to turn heads with your womanly curves? Do you demand attention where ever you go? The Bombshell fashion personality is a woman who wants to be noticed. These ladies are daring, sexy and sultry and tend to choose body hugging dresses, deep V-necklines and thigh high slits. The Bombshell loves to turn heads in figure-hugging styles with single-color blocks of black and bold monochrome colors, to be paired with sky-high heels. Animal Print and Patent Leather are staples of this vixen's Shoe Closet. Platform Pumps with Skinny Stilleto Heels as well as Over the Knee Boots personify the "all-eyes-on-me" attitude portrayed by this confident lady who knows how to work her assets.

Full article: http://www.heels.com/persona/bombshell?atrack=cj


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