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Are you a Free Spirit? Do you live your life based on the ideals of Peace and Love? The Bohemian fashion personality reflects women who are carefree, romantic and free-spirited. These fashion fanatics tend to wear pieces that are layered in different textures, floral prints and funky patterns in an array of rainbow colors. Giving a subtle nod to our Hippy sisters from the 1960's, a true Boho loves footwear with Platforms, Fur, and maybe even gypsy-like metallic embellishments. Thier closet is filled with embroidered tunics, feminine flowing skirts, flared jeans, ethnic jewelry, caftans, maxi dresses and hand-knits. Brands like EMU Autralia and Naughty Monkey.

Full article: http://www.heels.com/persona/bohemian?atrack=cj


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