30 Jul '14, 6pm

Doesn't the Ashley in Cheetah Patent Leather look fierce? #Naot #WildWednesdays

I purchased the Ashley shoe a couple years ago and absolutely love the fit and look of it, but the store had gone out of business when I recently returned to buy more. The size info in the heel area is worn thin, but thank goodness I found your website and identified the shoe by the photo. My problem is a bunion and this shoe doesn't hurt one bit---I can't wear other sandals because the strap always hits that sore spot. Now I will order another pair, the steel leather.

Full article: http://www.naot.com/products/ProductDetails/1148


[Princessa's Diary] Insight on How to Look for Quality Leather Footwear

[Princessa's Diary] Insight on How to Look for ...

sabrina.sg 29 Jul '14, 4am

The quality of leather that you decide to go for will greatly determine the service rendered as well as durability. Some a...