12 Jan '14, 3am

Trust me to fall completely in love with the most expensive pair of shoes! #fml #shoeaddict

1. Do I have to use the "Sign in with Facebook" option on your site to get the discount? Yep! That is the only way to get the discount. We are celebrating and honoring all our FB followers that have gotten us here so this discount is specifically for all of you! 2. I'm having trouble logging in with my Facebook login and password. If you are using a phone or tablet and are having trouble, just try using a computer. We don't have a mobile site yet, but it's in the works! If you are using a computer, make sure you are using the current versions of an updated browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Then clear your cookies and/or cache on your browser to clean out any saved data on your computer that is causing issues while you use websites. For example, on Chrome, you click on Chrome > Clear Browsing Data > Empty the Cache (and) Delete Cookies. Once your cache and cookies are...

Full article: http://www.solestruck.com/mamut-adams-bordeaux/index.html