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  • Summertime Shoes by Awl & Sundry

    Summertime Shoes by Awl & Sundry

    theshoesnobblog.com 24 May '16, 12pm

    It has been awhile since I have written about Awl & Sundry (you can see my review of them HERE ) and it would appear that a lot has changed since them, mainly how much they have appeared to have grown in terms of brand recognition, styles offered and probably most important for all of...

  • Septieme Largeur Patina Driving Loafers

    Septieme Largeur Patina Driving Loafers

    theshoesnobblog.com 23 May '16, 1pm

    While not being the originators of patina, for me Septieme Largeur are the ones keeping it relevant by always doing new things with it from giving patina to Ready to Wear shoes and allowing people to buy it online, from applying to leather accessories and now driving loafers. They hav...

  • J.FitzPatrick Jodhpur Boot (Genesee) Pre-Sale – Choice of Sole: The Genesee jodhpur ...

    J.FitzPatrick Jodhpur Boot (Genesee) Pre-Sale – Choice of Sole –

    theshoesnobblog.com 20 May '16, 12pm

    However we wanted to try a new approach as the world of online selling and retail is always evolving, by offering something different this time for our pre-sale. Normally we simply offer a discount to coincide with the pre-sale but this time we wanted to one-up that idea by allowing t...

  • Carreducker ‘Barkan’ Desert Boot Campaign https://t.co/eUy8NqATeA

    Carreducker ‘Barkan’ Desert Boot Campaign – The

    theshoesnobblog.com 19 May '16, 2pm

    Coming in an array of colors and leathers (vegetable tanned calfskin, suede and nubuck) there is an option for literally anyone (although I would have added a navy option myself). The boots are made here in England in a small workshop in Suffolk using the stitch down method of constru...

  • David Balzaic Strickes Again

    David Balzaic Strickes Again

    theshoesnobblog.com 17 May '16, 1pm

    as he had popped up on my radar and found something intriguing in his shoes. So I have had this email for ever longer than that, and just now remembered to show you all this very flamboyant yet super cool monkstrap. I don’t think however that the angle of the main photo is very flatte...

  • #leather The Shoe Snob Email Hacked – Please Read: Dear Readers, Most of you will not be affe...

    Email Hacked – Please Read –

    theshoesnobblog.com 10 May '16, 7am

    Most of you will not be affected by what happened but to explain nonetheless one of our associates email address was hacked and due to that, his email sent out a phishing scheme email enticing people to open an attached document. If you received this email, as shown in the screenshot ...

  • #leather The Beauty of a Good Background: Ever since starting my shoe line I have become more

    Beauty of a Good Background

    theshoesnobblog.com 09 May '16, 2pm

    Ever since starting my shoe line I have become more and more interested in photography as a form of art. It is quite amazing how the smallest details can really enhance a photo and vice versa, how the smallest details can also ruin a photo. I saw this photo on Instagram of a bespoke s...

  • #leather J.FitzPatrick Button Shoe — The Aurora — PRE-ORDER: They say that style is always re... https://t.co/IsyalfPOdG

    J.FitzPatrick Button Shoe — The Aurora — PRE-ORDER – The

    theshoesnobblog.com 06 May '16, 12pm

    While the button boot was all about contrast, I thought that we would switch it up with the shoes (at least for the first season) by offering it in tonal colors but on a leather/suede combo. And even though, I am all about preaching color to the masses, I have been feeling the idea of...


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