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  • new post up: @Aubercysouliers latest shoe designs:

    Aubercy’s Latest Creations –

    theshoesnobblog.com 29 Nov '16, 2pm

    , never ceases to amaze me for their design brilliance. I won’t lie and say that I love every intricate design that they make, but I can appreciate the majority of them and love a great many, such as this new amazing penny loafer with contrasted piping. This loafer, while nothing grou...

  • Men’s So Called Style Mags Peddle Crap Advice https://t.co/ETKduAJ8OW

    Men’s So Called Style Mags Peddle Crap Advice –

    theshoesnobblog.com 02 Dec '16, 5pm

    And then the second picture. I mean the shoe is not overly bad. It’s not my style at all and the subject ‘chunky derbies’ is not overly horrible but to say that those shoes are acceptable with suits just blew my mind. I mean, sure if you like the Thom Browne look which to me is quite ...

  • new post up: Monkstrap Madness by VASS for @ascotshoes1

    Monkstrap Madness by Vass for Ascot Shoes

    theshoesnobblog.com 28 Nov '16, 2pm

    I am not sure how popular the classic cap toe double monk is these days as it has been a trend now for longer than trends usually last, but when I saw this picture and all of the options, I was taken back to the idea of how nice a double monk can be, especially when you get to see in ...

  • New Edward Green

    New Edward Green

    theshoesnobblog.com 28 Nov '16, 9am

    Another aspect of the new EG was an update to their chisel last, from the 888 to the new 890. From what they claim, they were trying to make something a bit “more English” and befitting to the idea of the Edward Green look. For me, it simply looks a bit sharper, but maybe that is beca...

  • Suede Wholecuts by VASS

    Suede Wholecuts by VASS

    theshoesnobblog.com 01 Dec '16, 1pm

    When I look at this, I say to myself ‘there is nothing I could not wear this with.’ I mean, okay if we get technical you can’t put these under a dinner suit/tuxedo but other than that, there really isn’t anything else that these wouldn’t suit being complemented with. Yet why don’t we ...

  • Shoes Of The Week – Landry Lacour Patina –

    Shoes Of The Week – Landry Lacour Patina –

    theshoesnobblog.com 29 Nov '16, 9am

    Thinking about patinas, the most common thing that I believe comes to mind is just having your shoes died to another color, and giving it that brush stroke look. But I had never thought about actually creating the different pieces of a shoe’s pattern with the dye itself, like how Mr. ...

  • Edwin Clapp…Vintage Extraordinaire –

    Edwin Clapp…Vintage Extraordinaire –

    theshoesnobblog.com 27 Nov '16, 11am

    Seeing vintage shoes is always a treat for me as it represents a time where our traditional oxford (the way in which we see it today) was relatively new and therefore shoemakers then were among the first to create many of the styles that you see today, like these spectators. While not...

  • Axel Arigato – Trainer Extraordinaire –

    Axel Arigato – Trainer Extraordinaire –

    theshoesnobblog.com 26 Nov '16, 10am

    I really don’t know a ton about Axel Arigato but I know that they have a crazy following on IG, are a Swedish brand and make some very cool trainers and some interesting wholecut tassel loafers. And not for the ridiculous prices that some other trainer companies are charging. They are...


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