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  • Leffot Officially Launched in Chicago

    Leffot Officially Launched in Chicago

    theshoesnobblog.com 24 Oct '16, 2pm

    The time has finally come for Chicago and Chicagoans: You now have a great shoe shop to get all your shoe fixes from. And that shop is none other than the legendary Leffot , who first opened their doors in NYC back in 2008. Since then, as one of the catalysts to the boutique multi-bra...

  • Corthay ‘Wilfred’ –

    theshoesnobblog.com 25 Oct '16, 7am

    While I could probably write a 10-page essay on the Wilfred and it’s greatness, which is impressive considering that I could never write longer than a page, in high school, without going mind blank, I will keep it short to not bore you. Probably the simplest yet most intriguing part o...

  • A Legend and Friend to Remember – Riccardo Bestetti –

    theshoesnobblog.com 21 Oct '16, 2pm

    With regret I must tell those that don’t already know that we sadly lost an incredible person this week. That person was Mr. Riccardo Bestetti, one of greatest shoemakers and minds the shoe industry has ever seen. He was only 49 years old and passed away this Monday. Whilst not knowin...

  • #leather J.FitzPatrick Footwear Now Stocked in Paris at La Garçonnière: Dear All, We are pl...

    J.FitzPatrick Footwear Now Stocked in Paris at La Garçonnière –

    theshoesnobblog.com 20 Oct '16, 1pm

    J.FitzPatrick Footwear Now Stocked in Paris at La Garçonnière Dear All, We are pleased to announce that a capsule collection of our J.FitzPatrick Footwear range is now being stocked in the lovely city of Paris. Quite recently a shop by the name of La Garconnerie , close to the quaint ...

  • Ghillies Keep Coming! – Carmina –

    theshoesnobblog.com 18 Oct '16, 1pm

    It would appear that the ghillie model is gaining traction in the world of the web and the shoe industry. I know that in the grand scheme of things, these are just a few examples that I have shown over the last few weeks, but it is far more than I have ever seen in a period of space a...

  • The Saddle Derby by Edward Green

    Saddle Derby by Edward Green

    theshoesnobblog.com 19 Oct '16, 12pm

    My idea of shoe design is to take existing classics and add a small detail on them that separates them from the masses. Most brands don’t do this though, not nowadays. What I feel like is the trend of today is to make a classic models but do it cheaper than the next guy. This trend wo...



    theshoesnobblog.com 14 Oct '16, 3pm

    3. The Ballard Chukka Boot in Navy Scotch Grain to add to our already launched Moss Suede option. We went far too long without a chukka boot in the collection and felt that it was time to get back to normality with this timeless classic. We felt that these two colors presented somethi...

  • Cool Patinas – No Words Necessary…..

    theshoesnobblog.com 20 Oct '16, 11am

    How to Button Your Button Boots My Recommended Shoe Cobbler Shoe Care Videos Polish Your Shoes Properly J.FitzPatrick Appreciation Thread Things To Know About Shoes How To Become A Shoe Designer Additions To Your Sole Understanding The Fit Of A Shoe A Shoes Longevity Buying Internatio...


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