Seriously? OMG! WTF?

We all remember that huge Selfie that Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars with stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep. But the one celebrity we all ...

Link: seriouslyomg.com

  • The 5th, 6th and 7th shows to get full season pickups are…

    seriouslyomg.com 17 Oct '16, 9pm

    No Bull about it, Kevin Can Wait, Bull and MacGyver all got full season pick ups from CBS today. Is the news a surprise? Of course not. Bull is the #1 new drama and Kevin Can Wait is the #1 new comedy in viewers. When it comes to MacGyver, I am surprised people are watching it. I gues...

  • I have never heard a man scream that high!

    seriouslyomg.com 17 Oct '16, 12pm

    got to hold a boa constrictor on WLS’s 11a news to promote Tinley Park Convention Center. Then when the reptile got close to his face, he let out a scream so loud, horror scream queens are envious of him. It was so high that the snake did a dance for him like it was coming out of a st...

  • Hot Links!

    seriouslyomg.com 17 Oct '16, 5am

    Killing Reagan brings his assassination to life The Simpsons turns 600 tonight with Treehouse of Horror! Olivia Wilde has another baby in the house! Today is doing a Live with Kelly Law & Order: SVU wimps out on their Donald Trump episode Bella Thorne wants you to think she is an ange...

    1. Hot Links! seriouslyomg.com 11 Oct '16, 3am
    2. Hot Links! seriouslyomg.com 10 Oct '16, 2am
  • Killing Reagan brings his assassination to life

    seriouslyomg.com 16 Oct '16, 6pm

    Back on March 30, 1981, the World was shocked when they learned that President Reagan and three other men were shot by a man for an unknown reason. Tonight at 8p on Nat Geo, we will get the behind the scenes story leading up to that day, that fateful moment and the days following it o...

  • The Simpsons turns 600 tonight with Treehouse of Horror!

    seriouslyomg.com 16 Oct '16, 6pm

    is turning 600 tonight at 8p on Fox? It is and they are doing it with their annual Treehouse of Horror episode. Past arch nemesises will be back to haunt them at the beginning of the show before we get into another epic couch gag. From there we go to their take of Hunger Games with Mo...

  • Gina Rodriguez got old looking

    seriouslyomg.com 17 Oct '16, 8pm

    We have not seen Jane the Virgin since May and nearly 5 months later she is looking 5X her age. What’s the secret to her Fountain of Elder? We will have to tune into The CW show tonight at 9p to find out during the season premiere. If they want to make the ratings go through the roof,...

  • Law & Order: SVU wimps out on their Donald Trump episode

    seriouslyomg.com 15 Oct '16, 4pm

    This upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU might be called Unstoppable, but someone is stopping the episode, loosely based on Donald Trump, from airing on the 26th as planned. According to Variety , the episode will now air sometime after election. The trade mag says the reason for the...

  • Family Guy takes on the Trump Tapes

    seriouslyomg.com 17 Oct '16, 12pm

    is not a Trump fan and he finally had a chance to make fun of him on Family Guy since they tape so far in advance. The humorist was able to insert the Access Hollywood video into his animated show and replace Billy Bush’s voice with Peter Griffin’s. He didn’t keep what the soon-to-be-...


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