My sister made orange chocolate chippers for Thanksgiving...they are my great grandmother's recipe! You can get the recipe on my mom's blogĀ ...



    INSPIRATION MIX TAPE 24 Jan '15, 5am

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    HAIR INSPIRATION 20 Nov '12, 12am

    Tomorrow I've got a hair appointment with the talented (and stylish ) Jessica. My head is always swimming with idea those few hours before a hair appointment....maybe I'll go silvery blonde, maybe I'll cut bangs! I usually end up doing a variation of the same. Better safe than sorry. ...

  • I did a hair tutorial: The Pin-Up Ponytail! Check it out! New post on Sea of Shoes

    Hair Tutorial: The Pin-Up Ponytail 05 Dec '12, 9pm

    1. Section off a triangular chunk of hair in the front before you start. This will make your swirly gig later! 2. Put the top half of your hair up with an elastic, like you are doing a half up half down hairstyle. Make sure its pretty tight. 3. Make a ponytail with the bottom half of ...


    MARGIELA FOR H&M 17 Nov '12, 4pm

    I was so excited to get my hands on a few pieces from the Margiela for H&M collection. I've admired the originals for so long! My mom and I had so much fun grabbing these--not that many people were there for the launch here in Dallas, so everyone was able to take their time and try th...

  • MOD SQUAD 03 Jan '13, 1am

    A lot of people have told me they are not fans of these Chanel boots, which is funny to me because they are among my very favorites. I got them on sale after falling in love with them. They're so Pierre Cardin, a retro vision of the future!! I will find it hard not to wear these every...

  • New Post--FACTORY GIRL

    FACTORY GIRL 09 Dec '12, 6pm

    Endlessly fascinating Edie Sedgwick...a fragile, beguiling woman who met her end too soon. Her life seemed so glamorous on the surface but underneath she was all suffering. There wasn't much to the 'Edie' look--a simple shift or leotard with heaps and heaps of costume jewelry piled on...

  • SHOTS FROM 2012 06 Jan '13, 5pm

    Yes, my end of year round-up is coming a little late. Sorry about that, been sick all week long. I missed New Years Eve and I'm just now catching up! Hope everybody is enjoying a leisurely Sunday.

  • IF I RAN THE CIRCUS 16 Dec '12, 6pm

    IF I RAN THE CIRCUS I can't tell if I look more like a ringleader or a circus clown! Wearing Chimala jeans , a Rugby jacket with vintage fur collar, polka dot socks from Anthropologie years ago, shoes c/o Shoe Mint, and a bag c/o Meredith Wendell TAGS: Outfits Tweet Posted at 12:53 PM...