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  • 21's $400 computer lets you mine Bitcoin and sell digital goods

    thenextweb.com 22 Sep '15, 6am

    If you’ve ever wanted to get into the Bitcoin game for fun and profit, this new $400 gadget could be the best way to do so. 21 Inc.’s Bitcoin Computer is a tiny Linux-based box that lets you mine the cryptocurrency and buy and sell digital goods for Bitcoin, either independently or pl...

  • Amazon Web Services Engineer Bootcamp Bundle + Stuk.io Ruby on Rails: 2-year subscription

    AWS Engineer Bootcamp Bundle + Stuk.io Ruby on Rails deals

    thenextweb.com 22 Aug '15, 1pm

    Don’t Miss out on these Deals! Amazon Web Services Engineer Bootcamp Bundle for just $29 If you need to deploy any kind of application, especially one that needs room to grow, Amazon is a great place to host it. These four courses show you how to configure the perfect AWS setup. The t...

  • Singaporeans may soon receive their mail by drone

    thenextweb.com 08 Oct '15, 8am

    SingPost , the national postal service in Singapore, has just successfully trialed physical mail and parcel delivery using a drone. A drone built using the Pixhawk Steadidrone platform by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) Labs carried a letter and t-shirt over a distan...

  • Ruby on Rails training from BaseRails : 2-year subscription

    thenextweb.com 02 Jul '15, 1pm

    In recent years, Ruby on Rails has become one of the most popular frameworks for web-app development. BaseRails teaches it from the ground up, using projects to give you hands-on practice. Over seven courses, you learn first the fundamentals, and then the more advanced end of coding w...

  • Sneaker Videos are the Fastest Growing YouTube Categories

    thenextweb.com 02 Jun '15, 3pm

    We all know what it’s like to be stuck in a YouTube loop – you know, that moment when you meant to watch one video, but end up watching the entire back catalog of content related to whatever it was you came to see in the first place. Today Google released some interesting tidbits abou...

  • KeepKey is a $240 hardware wallet for your Bitcoin

    thenextweb.com 24 Sep '15, 8pm

    While it’s getting easier to spend Bitcoin on the Web for physical and digital goods and services, keeping your cryptocurrency safe still remains a challenge — you either have to entrust your private key to an online wallet or store it on an offline computer in your home or office. Ke...

  • A Brief History Of Bitcoin - And Where It's Going Next

    thenextweb.com 29 Mar '15, 9am

    As the blockchain matures, bitcoin will increasingly resemble traditional financial services, with functions such as retail banking (Circle ), exchanges (Coinbase ) and payment processors (bitnet ) being created. But how did it all start off, and where will it go next? Here, we take a...

  • A Dutch criminal is bombing supermarkets, demanding Bitcoin ransoms

    A Dutch criminal is bombing supermarkets, demanding Bitcoin ransoms

    thenextweb.com 13 Aug '15, 1pm

    A peculiar case in the Netherlands was bought to light by local police today : a criminal has been repeatedly planting explosives at Jumbo, a supermarket chain, and won’t stop until they are paid a large amount of Bitcoin. Dutch police have released information about the attacks, whic...