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  • Expert that backed Wright's claim of inventing Bitcoin is confused

    thenextweb.com 04 May '16, 2pm

    One of the cryptocurrency experts who backed Australian Craig White’s claim that he is the inventor of Bitcoin has said that he shouldn’t have shown support for the claim until proof had been publicly posted. Answering questions from security researcher Dan Kaminsky , Gavin Andresen, ...

  • Web's growing doubt that Craig Wright is the real creator of Bitcoin

    thenextweb.com 02 May '16, 12pm

    Earlier today Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur, penned a post claiming he was the original inventor of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The BBC reported that it had verified the claims and information was released in other respectable big-name titles, like The Economist . However, ...

  • Mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is this Australian guy

    thenextweb.com 02 May '16, 9am

    The search for the creator of the digital currency Bitcoin has pointed the finger at a number of individuals , but none have taken credit for creating the (largely) anonymous financial transaction system and the true originator hasn’t been found. Today, however, Australian Craig Wrigh...

  • Uber’s simple payments upgrade in Singapore makes a lot of sense

    thenextweb.com 06 Apr '16, 10am

    In what might look like a backward step, Uber has announced that it’s trialling cash payments in its first developed market. A large portion of new and existing users in Singapore will now have the option to pay using cash, according to an interview with the country’s Straits Times. R...

  • How your personal brand can stand out in crazy-competitive spaces

    thenextweb.com 29 Apr '16, 7pm

    It’s a common misconception that personal branding is reserved for authors, speakers or those looking to become well-known personalities. In our digitally savvy world, where potential clients, investors and employers are just as apt to look you up on Facebook or Google search your nam...

  • 21's Bitcoin computer now has a marketplace for APIs

    thenextweb.com 12 Mar '16, 6am

    After launching a small Linux-based device that can mine Bitcoin and make machine-to-machine payments last year, 21 has launched a micropayments marketplace that allows people to trade digital goods using cryptocurrency. The 21 Marketplace’s initial focus is on enabling developers to ...

  • New Balance's 3D-printed sneakers will run you $400

    New Balance's 3D-printed sneakers will run you $400

    thenextweb.com 11 Apr '16, 7pm

    At CES 2016 , New Balance and Intel announced they were working together to offer the first pair of sneakers outfitted with 3D-printed midsoles . Today, the companies are ready to make this reality in limited edition, but it’s going to cost ya. If you’ve got $400 handy and are in the ...

  • See Bitcoin change hands in real-time with this lovely visualizer

    thenextweb.com 12 Apr '16, 1am

    Unless you’re using cryptocurrencies already, it’s hard to know just how much Bitcoin changes hands online. A new WebGL project called Bitbonkers visualizes Bitcoin transactions from the blockchain using 3D shapes that land on a tile in space. So. Much. Tech. Some of the biggest names...