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  • Why Bitcoin and Ethereum will soon be everywhere (for reals)

    thenextweb.com 29 Sep '17, 6pm

    Bitcoin , Ethereum and blockchain technologies are all the rage. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are raking in millions in mere minutes, and every day a new initiative is announced with ever-increasing hype. With all of this going on, you’d expect cryptocurrencies to be mainstream fare,...

  • How Much Does it Cost to Build the World's Hottest Startups?

    thenextweb.com 11 Oct '17, 5am

    There’s also the enormous looming cost of distribution — one that’s hard to measure and even harder to predict. Fifteen years ago, starting a business was primarily a technology problem. Now that the barrier to entry to start a business is so low — $100K in many cases — entrepreneurs ...

  • This interactive map visualizes the market value of every cryptocurrency

    thenextweb.com 28 Sep '17, 10am

    Whether you think cryptocurrency is merely a passing fad or a phenomenon still maturing into mainstream legitimacy , keeping an eye out on the market is certainly an engaging activity. But it could be quite the hassle to keep up with every alternative out there – unless you use this t...

  • When 95% of all cryptocurrencies are gone Bitcoin will still be there

    thenextweb.com 21 Sep '17, 11pm

    The Wall Street Journal this week published an article declaring Bitcoin ’s value to be “probably zero .” Last week finance and tech outlets discussed JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s assertion that Bitcoin was “a fraud .” If you’re keeping score, these are two big names in the financial w...

  • JP Morgan CEO's Bitcoin rant causes hiccup in cryptocurrency value

    JP Morgan CEO's Bitcoin rant causes hiccup in cryptocurrency value

    thenextweb.com 13 Sep '17, 10pm

    JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon set off a market slide when he called Bitcoin a “fraud” that would “blow up” earlier this week at a conference. The price of Bitcoin – already slumped over 10 percent off word China may ban cryptocurrency – further dropped to $3,772, the lowest it’s been in a...

  • What the future of Bitcoin after the scaling forks will be like

    What the future of Bitcoin after the scaling forks will be like

    thenextweb.com 25 Sep '17, 8pm

    Bitcoin has recently undergone a subtle but major change. I previously discussed here on TNW the blockchain is already falling victim to its own popularity — with limited block sizes resulting in painstakingly slow transactions. With the recent implementation of SegWit and the planned...

  • Here's what $500 could've gotten you in tech stocks and Bitcoin 5 years ago

    thenextweb.com 05 Sep '17, 10pm

    In September of 2016 Bitcoin was selling for $572 a token. One year later that same coin is worth $4,472 at the time of this writing. That’s a substantial return of investment (ROI), and it’s hard to come up with anything else even remotely as lucrative, at least in the short term. A ...

  • Why accepting bitcoin is a great marketing play

    Why accepting bitcoin is a great marketing play

    thenextweb.com 02 Sep '17, 10pm

    Are you among the many people who believe that Bitcoin is the new gold ? Are you looking for ways to use this as a means of boosting your business? Have you come to find that some of your competitors are already taking advantage of this? Accepting Bitcoin can be a solid marketing play...