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  • Bitcoin gains mainstream support with NYSE index launching today

    thenextweb.com 19 May '15, 1pm

    The New York Stock Exchange has announced that it plans to make available a Bitcoin index on the NYSE, giving further legitimacy to the crypto-currency. From today the NYSE will feature the Bitcoin index in the NYSE Global Index. It will also be temporarily available publicly on the N...

  • You don't have a right to know the identity of Bitcoin's creator

    thenextweb.com 15 May '15, 3pm

    Nathaniel Popper writing in The New York Times has become the latest journalist to publish a piece purporting to reveal the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto , the mysterious creator of Bitcoin . He writes: Many in the Bitcoin community told me that, in deference to the Bitcoin creato...

  • Alibaba partners for Singapore Post for Southeast Asian expansion

    thenextweb.com 19 May '15, 7am

    Chinese wholesale goods marketplace Alibaba is teaming up with Singapore Post to allow sellers to more easily deliver goods to customers overseas. Under the newly launched Alibaba Merchant Delivery Scheme, members in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia will be able to take advantage of S...

  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is the world’s most dangerous idea. Really?

    thenextweb.com 11 May '15, 5pm

    Bitcoin, and the technology that powers it, has been called many things in the few years it has existed. Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of New York’s Department of Financial Services said the cryptocurrency created, “a virtual Wild West for narco-traffickers and other criminals.” Nob...

  • Coinbase Brings Its Bitcoin Wallet and Exchange to the UK

    thenextweb.com 29 Apr '15, 9am

    Coinbase, a bitcoin wallet and exchange service , has announced that people based in the UK can get access to its platforms from today. While it already launched its digital wallet service in the US in 2013 and introduced the Coinbase Exchange in January this year, the UK has been sor...

  • 91% off 2-year Subscription to Stuk.Io Ruby on Rails Courses

    thenextweb.com 16 Apr '15, 10am

    Want to try your hand at programming? Ruby on Rails is a great choice for first-timers: thanks to a simple code structure, it’s beginner-friendly, quick to build with and has a thriving community that actively contributes reusable code and encourages others to learn. Plus, Ruby on Rai...

  • Bitcoin Is The World's Most Dangerous Idea

    thenextweb.com 16 Apr '15, 12pm

    This research is courtesy of Sander Duivestein , professional speaker and trendwatcher at VINT , the International Research Institute of Sogeti A symbol for ‘nothing’ doesn’t seem to mean very much, but the biography of the number ‘zero’ shows what a dangerous idea it has been since i...

  • A Brief History Of Bitcoin - And Where It's Going Next

    thenextweb.com 29 Mar '15, 9am

    As the blockchain matures, bitcoin will increasingly resemble traditional financial services, with functions such as retail banking (Circle ), exchanges (Coinbase ) and payment processors (bitnet ) being created. But how did it all start off, and where will it go next? Here, we take a...