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  • @jakeadelstein

    Inside Japan’s Bitcoin Heist -

    thedailybeast.com 28 Feb '14, 3am

    Bitcoin, the virtual currency that has been racing toward acceptance as a genuine currency, had a colossal setback this past Tuesday, when a major Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, based in Tokyo, went off-line . Thousands of customers are unable to withdraw deposits and CEO Mark Karpeles is...

  • Bitcoin Erotica E-Book to Be Released

    thedailybeast.com 01 Oct '13, 7pm

    , bitcoins are taking it to the bedroom. Brought to you by the author of books like Cougars Like It Dirty and Cougars Like It Hard , comes an erotic e-book centered on ... you guessed it, bitcoins. King of the Bitcoin , written by Kayleen Knight, follows the life a 19-year-old Bitcoin...

  • Marc Jacobs may bid adieu to @LouisVuitton

    Marc Jacobs May Bid Adieu to Louis Vuitton; Elle Man Launches in France

    thedailybeast.com 30 Sep '13, 5pm

    Marc Jacobs May Bid Adieu to Louis Vuitton: After an impressive 16-year stint as Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs may be leaving the fashion house to advance work on his eponymous label, possibly with an IPO (initial public offering), sources revealed over the weekend. ...

  • Inside the Winklevoss twins' new Bitcoin gambit

    Inside The Winklevoss Twins’ New Bright Idea -

    thedailybeast.com 02 Jul '13, 8pm

    The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, immortalized in The Social Network as the Winklevii, are back in the news. Seeking to cash in on the craze for Bitcoin , the alternative digital currency, they announced Monday their intent to sell shares to the public in the Winklevoss Bitcoin...

  • Bitcoin for Baby Boomers - Daily Beast

    Should Baby Boomers Invest in Bitcoin?

    thedailybeast.com 09 Jan '14, 10am

    Growing a retirement nest egg is no easy feat post-recession. But in 2013, a tantalizing new investment vehicle exploded onto the scene, making as many cyber millionaires as the Twitter or Facebook IPOs, showing astronomical returns, and leaving governments around the world scrambling...

  • .@WendyDavisTexas will be using her pink sneakers for a different kind of run in 2014.

    Wendy Davis, Kamala Harris, Chris Taylor & More Tough Democratic Women

    thedailybeast.com 09 Aug '13, 6pm

    Never have a pair of pink running shoes, a back brace, and a YouTube connection created a bigger stir than with W endy Davis’s now famous filibuster in the Texas state Senate against abortion restrictions. Since her 10-hour marathon, the 50-year-old Davis has rocketed to national atte...

  • Gun-concealing handbag sales are going up

    Joseph Altuzarra named U.S. Representative for International Woolmark Prize; L'Wren Scott teams with Banana Republic

    thedailybeast.com 10 Jul '13, 8pm

    Joseph Altuzarra named U.S. Representative for International Woolmark Prize: Joseph Altuzarra was selected as the U.S. representative for the 2013/2014 International Woolmark Prize . He will receive $100,000 toward his next collection and will compete with the other finalists who hail...

  • On @NameItChangeIt research—and reducing Wendy Davis to her sneakers. by @sallykohn for @thedai…

    Why Wendy Davis’s Iconic Shoes Are Newsworthy -

    thedailybeast.com 08 Jul '13, 2pm

    There’s a difference between liking Wendy Davis’s shoes and liking Wendy Davis because of her shoes. What is that difference? I know, let’s call it sexism. When The Washington Post published a story about White House Chief Counsel Kathy Ruemmler’s shoes, Irin Carmon rightfully snapped...