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  • Code + Coffee - Girl Develop It Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

    meetup.com 13 Oct '16, 3pm

    Code & Coffee serves as a supplement to the Intro to Ruby class (taught in October 2016) curriculum for existing students as well as an Open House for prospective students. Come chat with Girl Develop It Atlanta's Chapter Leaders and Teaching Staff at Amelie's French Bakery on Monday,...

  • Ruby on Rails: Beginners Night! - Women Who Code DC (Washington, DC)

    meetup.com 04 Oct '16, 3pm

    Each github link is giving me a 404 error. I can go to https://github.com/womenwhocodedc/organization/ . But when I type blob after organization, I get the 404 error message. So, I just remove 'blob' and look through the 3 folders starting with learning-resources. I did not find a fol...

  • Ruby on Rails: Beginners Night! - Women Who Code DC (Washington, DC)

    meetup.com 05 Oct '16, 1pm

    Interested in learning Ruby and Rails with an awesome group of women? Looking to build your first web app, learn more about coding, or build on existing skills? Come to our First Timer's Night Ruby on Rails(ROR) Study Group. This event is intended for those new to programming and/or R...

  • Sittin' on the Dock(er) of the bay - Ruby on Rails Lisbon (Lisbon)

    meetup.com 22 Sep '16, 10am

    I’ve been pushing rails apps to production since 2006, but don’t call me old - I just aged well. The first deploy was done to a rented VPS on PGMR, a cheap VSP provider in California. Heroku was not a thing yet, and I was forced to do a manual setup using latest Ubuntu LTS, and used C...

  • Ruby on Rails InstallFest - Ruby on Rails Oceania (Perth)

    meetup.com 13 Sep '16, 8am

    Do you want to learn how to code and develop web applications for Ruby on Rails and have no idea where to start? Or, are you a company that has staff that need to get up to speed on Ruby on Rails? You are invited to attend the Ruby on Rails InstallFest, an initiative by reinteractive ...

  • Architecting Rails Apps as Microservices - KW Ruby Developers (Kitchener, ON)

    meetup.com 12 Sep '16, 6pm

    You’re building a new Rails App… do you go with a single large “monolith”, break it up into smaller micro-services, or try to find the happy balance between them? Does it matter if you’re on a small team at a start-up vs. a large company with hundreds of developers? This talk is about...

  • WINGS #DAO 1st meet up on 27-9 (Tuesday) in #Shanghai

    [September 27] Taking DAO's to the next level with WINGS.AI - Blockchain Bitcoin Shanghai (Shanghai)

    meetup.com 24 Sep '16, 8pm

    "Wings" will make it simple for everyone to create and use DAOs through user interfaces in common chat programs like slack and telegram, so you can use AND manage your DAOs just like you are sending messages to friends! "Wings" uses a scientific concept called swarm intelligence and r...

  • TranscodeSF (San Francisco, CA)

    meetup.com 21 Sep '16, 7pm

    TranscodeSF was developed in 2012, as a free programming class for trans and gender non-conforming folks. Today, TranscodeSF has grown to a community of trans & GNC people currently in tech and aspiring coders, engineers, designers, and newcomers to the industry. TranscodeSF teaches f...