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  • Ruby Kata - Nashville Ruby on Rails beginners (Nashville, TN)

    meetup.com 27 Aug '15, 2pm

    We meet to learn Ruby on Rails from a beginner level. This meetup is good for: people who want to build their own web apps, developers new to Ruby on Rails, graphic designers who want to learn Ruby on Rails, people who want to get a job in web development

  • Ruby and Rails Melbourne (Melbourne)

    meetup.com 26 Aug '15, 5am

    Ruby on Rails developers are passionate about developing some of the best, industry leading web applications out there. We are also passionate about our community and welcoming new members into our fun expanding group. We hold monthly meetups in Melbourne, usually at the awesome Inspi...

  • Densio-Lunch in legendärer Sipgate-Kitchen - Düsseldorf Ruby on Rails Meetup (Düsseldorf) -

    meetup.com 27 Aug '15, 2pm

    Wem beim Anblick der Fotos von https://twitter.com/sipgate_kitchen das Wasser im Mund zusammen läuft und wer Lust hat, sich mit anderen bei einem solchen Mittagessen intelligent über Ruby, Rails, etc. zu unterhalten, der ist hier richtig. Densio lädt uns zum Rails-Essen ein! Die Teiln...

  • Special: pre Baruco meeting - Barcelona on Rails (Barcelona)

    meetup.com 20 Aug '15, 2pm

    Baruco will be in town - and we from Barcelona on Rails want to take advantage of having many Rubyists from all over the world here. So we invite you on the evening before the conference to a meet & greet. We won't have any talks or presentations - but I am sure there will be enough o...

  • Intro to Ruby - Girl Develop It D.C. (Washington, DC)

    meetup.com 20 Aug '15, 7pm

    Want to learn how to code? Have a great idea? Don't be shy. Develop it. It can be intimidating for women to learn and ask questions when they are in an extreme minority. While open and welcoming, today's budding developer community is up to 91% male. There isn't a comfortable place wh...

  • Chilango Rails (México City)

    meetup.com 24 Aug '15, 3pm

    Somos una comunidad de desarrolladores fascinados con Ruby y con Rails. Nos juntamos de vez en cuando para chelear y ayudar a crecer a la comunidad Ruby y Rails en la Ciudad de México.

  • ChicagoRuby: Downtown - Lighting Talks - ChicagoRuby (Chicago, IL)

    meetup.com 10 Aug '15, 2pm

    Lightning Talks are short, 5-minute presentations that run back-to-back. Topics can be wide-ranging. The following lightning talks are scheduled so far: • Chris Doyle - BEWARE THE BLOB! It creeps... it crawls... it eats you alive! Run don't walk to table_print for meaningful ActiveRec...

  • ChicagoRuby: BLUE1647 - Testing & Software Architecture Patterns - ChicagoRuby (Chicago, IL)

    meetup.com 19 Aug '15, 10pm

    Test Purgatory (noun) - The state of suffering inhabited by developers working on a project with a large set of unit tests that are slow, brittle, and difficult to maintain and expand. In this talk, I will present why our test suites tend towards chaos and how to recover. With a focus...