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  • We have some copies of the recent Orquesta Narvaez CD in the office. If you fancy winning a copy, please message...

    Orquesta Narvaez, 65th Infanteria

    descarga.com 12 Feb '14, 12pm

    Orquesta Narvaez 65th Infanteria CD (Grymes Hill/El Duque 300500), Released 2013; Editor's Pick: The return of Orquesta Narvaez! Trombonist Dewell Narvaez and his band typified the rootsy urban trombone-based salsa of the '70s. Their 1975 breakout album "Reincarnation" (Tico 1402) tur...

  • Article: Remembering Chano Pozo: Fifty Years Of Manteca

    descarga.com 08 Jan '14, 5am

    December 30th, 1997 marked the fiftieth anniversary of one of the most important compositions in Latin music of this century. Percussionist and teacher Bobby Sanabria talks about it's relevance to today's music and it's place in history. Article: Remembering Chano Pozo: Fifty Years Of...

  • Here's another fun CD for you guys to check out. #SalsaLessonsTemecula

    Salsa Giants, EP Plus - Sergio George Presents Salsa Giants

    descarga.com 14 Apr '14, 9pm

    Salsa Giants EP Plus - Sergio George Presents Salsa Giants CD (Top Stop/Sony 300226), Released 2014; Editor's Pick: Though it's only a five-track EP, this is an all-killer, no-filler collection of music by some of the greatest living salsa giants. On one evening during the summer of 2...

  • Louie Cruz: To The Best His Knowledge

    descarga.com 23 Apr '14, 11pm

    was one of the most prolific arrangers for the Fania label during its heyday. In this in-depth interview conducted by John Child, Louie shares his memories of arranging for Willie Rosario, Ray Barretto, La Lupe, Larry Harlow, Johnny Pacheco, Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez, Ismael Miranda, ...

  • Lewis Kahn: Zen and the Art of Trombone and Violin Playing

    descarga.com 23 Apr '14, 11pm

    trombonist and violinist Lewis Kahn has a dream CV, which includes membership in Orchestra Harlow, the Fania All Stars and the Tito Puente orchestra. During the last five decades he has clocked-up a prodigious quantity of recording sessions and live performances, including dates with ...

  • The Correct Biography (La Correcta Biografia De "Meñique, Sonero Añejo" Miguel A. Barcasnegras)

    descarga.com 28 Jan '14, 2pm

    has produced a number of world class Latin singers, including Azuquita, Rubén Blades, Carlos El Grande and Gabino Pampini. In 1968 Miguel Ángel Barcasnegras "Meñique" became one of the first panameño vocalists to break onto the international scene when he journeyed with Kako's band to...

  • Profile: Carlos "Patato" Valdés;

    descarga.com 23 Apr '14, 11pm

    Check out this related article in The Descarga Journal Archives: Obituary: Alfredo Rodríguez by John Child, November 06, 2005 Cuban pianist, bandleader, arranger, composer, singer and percussionist Alfredo Rodríguez died in Paris on Monday October 3rd. "He had such a special charisma ...

  • @GersonBorrero @yoruba69

    Interview: Cheo Feliciano

    descarga.com 17 Apr '14, 6pm

    An in-depth interview with one of Puerto Rico's most beloved soneros. Interview: Cheo Feliciano by Abel Delgado ([email protected] ) Vintage photos courtesy Izzy Sanabria Archives / Latin NY Magazine Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, in 1935, the sonero Cheo Feliciano is a living le...


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