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  • Lonzo Ball has best game yet after ditching Big Baller Brand sneakers:

    Lonzo Ball Has Best Game Yet After Ditching Big Baller Brand Sneakers

    deadspin.com 13 Jul '17, 3pm

    Anyway, Ball was in Nikes last night. And what do you know? He had 36 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds and fivesteals in a 103-102 win over the 76ers. The Sixers didn’t have any of their big names on the court (the only first-round pick who played was Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot, taken ...

  • Here’s A 54-Year-Old Sandman Clearing The Ring With A Singapore Cane

    deadspin.com 14 Aug '17, 4pm

    The crowd heard “Enter Sandman” and immediately knew what was coming. It didn’t matter that it was 2017 instead of 1997. The Sandman was going to enter the ECW Arena and save the day. Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion came to the 2300 Arena on Saturday night. The building, f...

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    Why The Hell Are Lonzo Ball’s Sneakers $495?

    deadspin.com 05 May '17, 5pm

    So why the hell are they $495? The ZO2s contain premium insoles, but lots of sneaker brands have the same ones . Is it just a marketing ploy to pitch these kicks as a luxury line? Well: Yes, duh. “I haven’t actually seen the shoes,” says Matt Powell , vice president of industry analys...

  • Darren McFadden Claims Business Advisor Blew His Money On Bitcoin

    Darren McFadden Claims Business Advisor Blew His Money On Bitcoin

    deadspin.com 10 Jun '16, 7pm

    Cowboys RB Darren McFadden filed suit against his family friend and longtime financial advisor Michael Vick (not that one), claiming Vick scammed him and squandered $15 million of his money—including $3 million on a failed Bitcoin investment. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, alleges that V...

  • Shut everything down. The Air Jordan "Jumpman" logo appeared inside a cucumber.

    A Thanksgiving Miracle: Air Jordan Logo Appears Inside Cucumber

    deadspin.com 27 Nov '13, 7pm

    Look at that cucumber. Look at it closely. I absolutely dare you to tell me that it's not a slow news day. An Atlanta man named Brett Rosner was chopping up some cucumber, as one does when they want to make a nice salad, or even as a side dish if one marinates it in vinegar and dill f...

  • Did Michael Jordan Ever Say "Republicans Buy Sneakers, Too"?

    Did Michael Jordan Ever Say "Republicans Buy Sneakers, Too"?

    deadspin.com 29 Jul '16, 6pm

    Over the years the quote has taken slightly different forms—he says “shoes” in some versions, “sneakers” in others—and appeared in publications from The New York Times to Deadspin, but it first surfaced in Sam Smith’s 1995 book Second Coming. There it’s attributed to an unnamed friend...

  • Man fatally shot while trying to rob customers waiting to buy the new LeBron James sneakers:

    Man Fatally Shot Trying To Rob People Waiting For New LeBron Sneakers

    deadspin.com 23 Jun '13, 6pm

    According to Atlanta police, a man was shot and killed outside a clothing store while customers waited for the release of Nike's new LeBron X EXT sneakers early Saturday morning. The man was trying to rob a group in line when another man waiting for the sneakers pulled a gun (for whic...

  • "Uncle Nate" Auctioned Off A Rolex Johnny Manziel Gave Him: You do remember "Uncle Nate" Fitch, don't you? Jo...

    "Uncle Nate" Auctioned Off A Rolex Johnny Manziel Gave Him

    deadspin.com 07 Aug '14, 5pm

    It is accompanied by a letter of provenance from Nathan "Uncle Nate" Fitch, a lifelong friend of Manziel's from their middle school football days, and familiar member of the quarterback's personal entourage. Fitch attests that the watch was gifted to him by Manziel in 2013. Fitch's le...