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  • Foley+Corinna Unchained City Handbag

    cosmopolitan.com 07 Oct '14, 4am

    Expenses not specifically included in prizedescription and all taxes are the sole responsibility of the Winner. Each prize is awarded "as is" with nowarranty or guarantee, either express or implied outside of manufacturer'slimited warranty. No transfer,assignment or substitution of a ...

  • Jennifer Lawrence Lands A Lovely New High Fashion Campaign: Doesn't she look pretty?

    Jennifer Lawrence Lands a Lovely New High-Fashion Campaign

    cosmopolitan.com 18 Sep '14, 12pm

    Lawrence was named as the face of Miss Dior handbags in October 2012, and enthused about her new role: "It's such a dream to represent an iconic brand that is synonymous with high fashion." And on her own style, the Oscar-winning star added: "It's impossible to be in the industry with...

  • 10 ways to rock sneakers with your super cute going-out outfit YEAH:

    Awesome Ways to Pair Sneakers With Skirts and Dresses - Tips for Wearing Sneakers

    cosmopolitan.com 09 Mar '14, 12am

    Hear that? That's the sound of your feet weeping for joy because in 2014 sneakers are poised to replace every pair of high heels in your closet. I'm not talking about those hidden-wedge nonsense shoes that leave your feet just as sore as any other pair of high heels. I'm talking real,...

  • CONVINCING EVIDENCE that sneakers are the new high heels:

    Chanel Sneakers - Dior Sneakers

    cosmopolitan.com 24 Jan '14, 2pm

    Such a ringing endorsement and elevation of the sneaker by two of fashion's most trend-setting designers doesnÂ’t exactly signal the death of the high heel, but it does open up a whole new world of options for the fashion savvy, but high-heel averse. Even if you love your high heels, y...

  • 8 beautiful, bright, happy sneakers:

    Bright Colored Running Sneakers

    cosmopolitan.com 06 Nov '13, 1am

    8 Beautifully Bright Sneakers That Will Turn You Into a Runner / LaurenLe Vine These rainbow-colored sneakers will give you the motivation to run at least a 5K. 5 Classic Cocktails You Should Sip After Work / MeghannFoye Sometimes, a classic is all you need to take the edge off. 12 La...

  • Bullshit alert—this study about why women buy designer handbags cannot possibly be legit:

    University of Minnesota Handbag Study - What Your Purse Says About You

    cosmopolitan.com 26 Jul '13, 12pm

    You know that new Marc Jacobs bag you're coveting right now? Well, guess what, ladies: The real reason you want it is because, somewhere in the depths of your womanly brain, you think it will keep other chicks from stealing your man. Yeah. So says a RIDICULOUS new study by researchers...

  • While we slept, @WendyDavisTexas was kicking ass, in pink sneakers, in Texas.

    Wendy Davis Texas Filibuster - Wendy Davis Abortion Rights - Cosmopolitan

    cosmopolitan.com 26 Jun '13, 4pm

    Make no mistake: One woman's voice can make a difference. After an epic almost-13-hour filibuster , Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis effectively killed her state's sweeping SB-5, a bill that would have closed almost every single abortion clinic in Texas. She's now, officially, our hero. U...

  • "I strip for Bitcoin"

    Bitcoin Stripping Girls Gone Bitcoin - Reddit Bitcoin Naked Pictures

    cosmopolitan.com 05 Jan '14, 12am

    Confession: When I hear "Bitcoin" mentioned in conversation at work or a party (and it comes up more and more lately) I nod knowingly and quickly shove food in my mouth in hopes that no one calls me out on my utter ignorance: I have no idea what Bitcoin is. So I took it upon myself to...