18 Feb '13, 4pm

@CristiAtchley PS. I get a dancewear catalog and it had cheap tutus in it!

I'm a ballet teacher and I have ordered these for my beginning ballet class (ages 4-8) for the past 4 shows. I have used plum, red, peacock, and royal. I'm always impressed with the vibrant colors once they arrive. They look so professional and have a lot of body and stiffness, while still having some bounce. I order all of my students the XSSC size and it has fit every student I've ever had. I've had some large students and some itty bitty students. The elastic holds its shape well but can stretch quite a bit. The only problem is that the tulle can tend to be static-y and stick to the leotard in the back, but spraying it with Static Guard works every time.

Full article: http://www.dancewearsolutions.com/99-4110.aspx


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