14 Dec '12, 1pm

These gold brocade heels at @IrregularChoice are making us come over all festive!


Check out for more of our Christmas Lookbook fe...

thecambelles.com 15 Dec '12, 4pm

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Turkey, Iran, and "gold for gas" (censorship-proof gold keeps transactions flowing in a world of blockades) #Bitcoin

Turkey, Iran, and "gold for gas" (censorship-pr...

jpkoning.blogspot.com 14 Dec '12, 5am

What should we make of the so-called "gold for gas " trade between Turkey and Iran? Turkey depends on Iranian natural gas ...

New post! "The Gold Standard"

New post! "The Gold Standard"

theseams.blogspot.com 17 Dec '12, 7pm

i love it! THe lady gaga perfume didn't go too well with my preference but goodness that bottle is so pretty! i might need...

Reebok Question Black/Gold Release Info

Reebok Question Black/Gold Release Info

nicekicks.com 13 Dec '12, 9pm

Reebok continues to provide retro looks at the Reebok Question and looks to release the Black/Gold version of the sneaker ...

Mercury in seafood: Where does it come from?

grist.org 14 Dec '12, 12pm

Yes, there is water on Mercury , but there is also mercury in the water. Lots of it. In fact, according to a giant new rep...