28 Feb '16, 10pm

Did Josh Groban have the saddest birthday since Kirk Cameron?

Remember that photo of Kirk Cameron blowing out the candle on his birthday cake all by himself in a conference room, and you though that is saddest thing ever? Well yesterday was Josh Groban ‘s birthday and he had almost the same experience. The singer is on the road and he celebrated his special day with a healthy choice for his dinner. I mean, he got a Healthy Choice frozen dinner from Walmart. Sad, right? It’s his birthday, and he didn’t even splurge on a fattening frozen meal from Stouffer’s or Boston Market. Which is so much more yummier than those Cafe Steamers. So was his B-day as sad as this photo? No, his fans made it special just like her makes them feel special. Something Kirk Cameron didn’t get to say on that his day.

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