19 Feb '16, 2pm

Watch this elephant Moonwalk!

Good Morning America is taking a Safari in South Africa this week and TJ Holmes made a new friend. That new friend is a 3 ton elephant name Chova. Chova is being trained to sniff out killers, so that him and his buddies won’t be killed by poachers. Hopefully it works because we need to keep beautiful creatures like him in this world. Especially ones that can Moonwalk as well as Michael Jackson.

Full article: http://seriouslyomg.com/?p=57170


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Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire Watch - by @ABTW_David https://t.co/OPZtUA3fOM

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Check out @BushnellGolf's new neo iON GPS watch

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Breitling Avenger Bandit Watch

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