09 Feb '16, 5pm

Mayim Bialik flashed Piers Morgan

A few weeks after the SAG Awards, Piers Morgan thought it was disrespectful that Susan Sarandon wore a cleavage revealing outfit as she presented the In Memoriam segment. Well, the Oscar winning actress and several other people started sending him pictures of their cleavage. Like what man doesn’t want to see that. Yesterday, when he was on The Late Late Show , James Corden asked him about #CleavageGate on his show. As he was explaining his side, Mayim Bialik stood up and did a Drew Barrymore as in flashed him her Big Bangs. Not once, but twice. Finally, America has found a way to get their revenge on him for all that he did to us. It took us a few years, but it is still sweet! Now if only we can get to go away from here permanently, things would be ever better for us. If you need some cuteness after that, then you can watch Baby Bowl from the CBS late night show. Even todd...

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Mayim Bialik went blonde?

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