29 Nov '15, 3am

Is this Family Feud’s most animated contestant? https://t.co/NR7hEcJGaV #familyfeud

express themselves with their answers, but Anthony Schiano uses his whole body to do it. When Steve Harvey asked him, “We asked 100 men fill in the blank, my wife’s bottom is so big that at parties we can blank on it?” When it was Anthony’s turn, he acted out his answer, “We can eat,” as he said it. Then when it was on the board, he did his best Leprechaun dance as he asked his family if they wanted to play. Yet, he calmly said, “We are going to play.” The game show host was as shocked as everyone else when he responded so matter of factly after being all hyper, but that is what makes the contestants on this show so much more fun than the others.

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