27 Sep '15, 7pm

#Fox’s Sundays are full of all-new laughs tonight! #thesimpsons

is back and so is Phil’s beard. Carol (Kristen Schaal) and Phil (Will Forte) have been touring the country for the last few months and they have settled in the White House. When Carol tells him it doesn’t feel like home, they decide to look for another place to live. Where will they go next since the whole world is their oyster. Well everywhere but Tuscon that is. Will they make it back there to see the other last humans on Earth or will they just spend it with each other? You just have to tune in to find out. Spoiler alert, next week’s episode ends with the biggest surprise in the show’s run and this show is all about surprises. So imagine how huge it is. Think you know, tell me what you think it is and if you guess right, I might tell you.

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