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Elle MacPherson’s Saint Laurent Sandals Look a Little Bit Painful

Elle MacPherson’s Saint Laurent Sandals Look a Little Bit Painful

Here’s legendary Aussie supermodel Elle MacPherson , heading in to tape an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in LA wearing a pair of Saint Laurent Jane Sandals. Elle has recently embarked on a small press tour of nostalgia. She doesn’t seem to have anything new to promote, but she does have some pretty enticing tales about modeling in the 80s to share. If you’d like to take Elle’s Saint Laurents for a test-drive, you can find them for $795 at Net-a-Porter . This minimal Saint Laurent design launched around the same time as the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals, but they aren’t nearly as popular among celebs. We suspect that’s probably because the Nudists have a surprisingly secure fit, given their minimalist look, while these look less secure and, as a result, a little sloppier in photos.

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The shoe is beautiful, but unfortunately, they will be going back. The ankle strap is twice the size of my ankle (and I ha...

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