21 Apr '12, 1am

@MeesterdaDepre a mais confortável é essa

Comments about UGG Australia Kenton : I would mainly use this slipper indoors. Great for around the house and with the ample tread pattern its even acceptable to use outside on a dry day. Can walk down grassy hills and hardwood floor staircases with confidence. I would consider them to run 1/2 size small, as they are new I am hoping they will "break in" a little and be just fine. I wear size 9 sneaker...the size 9 slipper is just a tad snug.

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@MeesterdaDepre esse é o mais foda

uggaustralia.com 21 Apr '12, 1am

The Byron is offered in leather and twin-face sheepskin with genuine sheepskin lining. It's great in the house as a slippe...

@MeesterdaDepre eu quero essa

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Embraced for its urban classicism, the Em-pire is a hip high-top elevated by lustrous, full-grain leather. A standout in b...