27 Sep '14, 4pm

The androgynous loafer is quickly taking over:

The androgynous loafer is quickly taking over:

As we continue shopping for new flats to start the season, we’ve definitely taken note of all the wonderful loafers that are currently available. While the style has made a strong impact within these last few seasons, their popularity seems to have skyrocketed. The classics, like Gucci and Tod’s , are reimagined in enticing warm hues like maroon and dark navy, while others feature details like it fringe and tassels. If you are craving that perfect model-off-duty style, loafers are the perfect way to achieve it (just think back to some of Miranda Kerr ‘s favorite casual looks). Boys may bother us from time to time, but we’ll happily borrow their menswear looks. Check out some our favorites below!

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