30 Dec '13, 5pm

More perfect Birkenstock looks

If the name of Birkenstock shoes only brings to mind that famous sandal of the sixties, think again! While liberal youths may have been the first Americans to tout their comfort benefits, today Birkenstock shoes enjoy popularity all over the U.S. for both their stylish looks and anatomical design. The Birkenstock brand can trace its roots back to Johann Birkenstock, a German cobbler in 1774. Over a hundred years later, his great-grandson Konrad began what became the forerunner for today's company when he designed the first shoe with a contoured insole in 1987. Then, in 1966, American Margot Fraser "discovered" Birkenstock shoes while on holiday in Germany, and brought them back to the U.S. Today, Birkenstock Distribution USA, Inc. remains the exclusive importer and distributor of Birkenstock products in the U.S. Just slip into any pair of Birkenstock sandals, and it's easy...

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