30 Jul '13, 6pm

Fashionality File: Lady

Are you a Girlie-Girl through and through? Do you exude femininity Morning, Noon, and Night? The Lady persona is one to boast longer full skirts and elegant gloves. This fashion personality is all about showing off the waist in delicate and flirty high-quality fabrics, which show off their shape but not much else. Feminine detailing such as lace or ruffles is not uncommon, while the use of a classic color-palette and soft florals is chosen over bold and over-the-top prints. These fashionistas tend to trade-in the season’s latest trends for pearl necklaces, shift dresses, high necklines and luxurious cardigans. Pastel Satins and Pretty Pumps embellished with Bows are a few of these Ladies favorite things. Brands such as Bourne and Seychelles are the epitome of their sense of style.

Full article: http://www.heels.com/fashionality/lady




sg.news.yahoo.com 31 Jul '13, 3am

Some were truly curious; some were hostile; most were concentrated on distancing themselves from her -- they swerved sharp...

TCAS 2013: Tablets to see 10-20% discounts

TCAS 2013: Tablets to see 10-20% discounts

digitimes.com 30 Jul '13, 3am

TCAS 2013: Tablets to see 10-20% discounts Ocean Chen, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 30 July 2013] Tablets are e...

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